• Ron 'Brew' Brouwer

The wheels are in motion

By mid March of 2020 the Sacrosanct band members’ home countries of Germany and The Netherlands entered into a first lockdown because of a pandemic called SARS-CoV-2. Within those strict limitations, Sacrosanct has taken every opportunity to rehearse with the full band line-up, which added up to a mere handful of meetings over the Summer period. Recording was limited to a few sessions at Rockawaits Studio, with individual band members recording at their home facilities.

Sentenced to isolation by the virus, contemporary communication devices turned out to be Sacrosanct’s lifeline. While Randy continued to compose exciting and increasingly intricate music, and Brew continued to insert the vocal melodies to which he wrote meaningful words, addressing a wide variety of topical issues, Gerrit kept spitting out dexterous solos, with Jonas mercilessly flogging his skins and discs, all contributing to the new batch of Sacro-songs. While Mario inadvertently found he’d have limited opportunities to contribute bass lines at this stage, Sacrosanct found Kees Harrison, who also played on the band’s previous album ‘Necropolis’, available to step in.

Slowly, but surely, the new Sacrosanct album is taking shape. And it is certainly becoming a true band effort this time around! In addition to some eight new instrumental tracks, half of the vocals have already been recorded at Rockawaits Studio, where Sacrosanct have set up brand new top of the line recording gear in a configuration that ensures some stunning results. As soon as opportunity knocks again, the newer demo recordings made during the virtual meetings Randy and Brew have had since the ‘intelligent’ lockdown that was imposed on the Dutch and the second lockdown that both countries faced, will be repeated at Rockawaits Studio, which is essentially the birthplace of all things Sacro, with its state of the art equipment. This is also where Kees will be recording his bass lines in the coming months. Jonas’ drums and Gerrit’s solos are materialising at their respective facilities.

At this advanced stage in the recording process, Sacrosanct is again involving Max ‘the magician’ Morton in the production process. After his invaluable contributions to both ‘Necropolis’ and the re-releases of the band’s three albums from the 1990s, Max is now remotely enchanting the exciting output Sacrosanct is proffering.

The progressive power metal wheels are in motion. Not grinding to a halt, analogous with society or so it seems, but instead gradually evolving into the new Sacrosanct album, that will certainly raise an eyebrow or two. The album naturally flows from the music the band has released previously, but at the same time it is a leap forward from ‘Necropolis’, invigorated by the renewed line-up and the input from the individual band members. The adventurous music is more complicated, progressive and powerful than ever before. The lyrics will make the listener think, as they address some rather controversial topics. As for the cover: once again Giannis Nakis has created a truly splendid cover, even grander than that which he created for ‘Necropolis’. The epic artwork holds a few pleasant surprises as well...

Keep an eye - and an ear - out for Sacrosanct!

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