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SACROSANCT welcome back former guitarist and recruit permanent drummer

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

SACROSANCT - New Line Up 2019

SACROSANCT, the German-Dutch progressive metal outfit founded by former Pestilence guitarist Randy Meinhard, have welcomed former guitarist Gerrit Knol back into their ranks. Knol, who played on the band’s second album, ‘Recesses for the Depraved’ (1991), replaces Chrischi Göwert, who left SACROSANCT in January 2019 to focus on other commitments and musical projects.

Drummer Jonas Schütz, who initially performed with SACROSANCT as their live session drummer, has now also joined the band on a permanent basis.

The band returned to the scene in November 2018 after a 25-year hiatus with a new album, ‘Necropolis’, released through Rock of Angels Records (ROAR).

SACROSANCT are currently rehearsing material for live shows in 2020.

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